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Pay referees better so they don’t take bribes – Coach to Normalisation C’ttee


Ghanaian football scout and coach, Ebenezer Sefah, has advised the Normalisation Committee (NC) superintending Ghana’s football to ensure match officials are better-paid.

The NC has introduced a special competition for Ghanaian clubs and Sefah believes incentives for referees are important to prevent them from being influenced during matches.

In an exclusive interview with Kwame Dwomoh Agyeman , Mr Sefah said the Normalisation Committee should “make sure [that] referees are well equipped in terms of their monetary [issues]. They should be paid on time, everything referees need should be provided so that club officials will not influence the referees”.

His comments come on the back of a long hiatus in football activities following the Number 12 undercover documentary by investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, which exposed widespread corruption and bribery of officials to favour certain football clubs during matches.

“After the Number 12 exposé, I don’t think Ghanaians will have any trust or believe in referees even if it’s a genuine mistake from the referee. Of course, they have put at the back of their minds that referees cheat, they take bribes, they try to compromise games,” Mr Sefa noted, adding that: “Clubs and the media have to educate fans and players alike on their conduct on match days”.

After a nine-month absence of domestic football, coach Sefah, however, expressed delight about the return of football in the country.

“The good news is that football is back and the fans are excited to see their clubs,” he said.

He noted that the lack of games by the clubs has negatively affected the level of competitiveness exhibited on matchday one of the special competition.

“Of course, what do you expect, teams have stayed close to 9 months without competitive football. You don’t expect them to perform or get to the level you expect them to play, of course, there is no match fitness,” he stressed.

He remained optimistic that the level of intensity and competitiveness will increase and improve as the tournament progresses and that fans should look forward to improved games.