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The unauthorized use or threat of violence especially against the state or the public as a politically compelled medium of attack or force is gravely evil, ungodly, and highly condemnable and must never be condoned.


By Ghana Ni Ba Nana Otu Darko
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(Arrest looming terrorism NOW and save Ghana’s future!!!)                

Depending on how broadly the term is defined per ancient account as advanced by Wikipedia, the roots and practice of terrorism can be traced at least to the 1st-century AD. Though some clash is still in contest whether the group, which slew traitors/spies with Roman rule in the province of Judea, was in fact a terrorist group.

The first use in English of the term 'terrorism' occurred during the French Revolution's Reign of terror, when the Jacobins, who ruled the revolutionary state, employed violence, including mass executions by beheading, to force obedience to the state and scare regime enemies.

The association of the term only with state violence and intimidation lasted until the mid-19th century, when it began to be associated with non-governmental groups. Terrorism therefore per above account did not begin in a day. Several moments were witnessed before the extremism we see today attained maturity. Terrorism like a mighty ocean began with a single drop.

•    On 21st April, 2014, The BBC reported some over 190 Nigerian school girls remaining missing after being abducted a week earlier. Meanwhile there were several incidents that took many lives in Nigeria as a result of Boko haram attacks.

The original abduction figure stood at 230.Africa has indeed suffered the ugly fate of terrorism killing thousands and displacing millions.
Several moments have been pregnant before giving birth to above.


Could the above had begun today? Certainly know.
Ghana, always touted as the gateway to Africa must therefore be extremely worried as a result of the ugly unfolding violent events in the nation. The overlapping insurgence and prevalence of open vigilante groups to me is a serious matter that must be of gravest concern. They may have started today as a political pressure groups, I however see terrorist groupings tomorrow if Ghana’s national security and the other security stakeholders in the nation fail to arrest the situation now.

•    Osama bin Laden, closely advised by Egyptian Islamic Jihad leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, in 1988 founded Al-Qaeda meaning "The Base"), an Islamic jihadist movement to replace Western-controlled or dominated Muslim countries with Islamic fundamentalist regime. In pursuit of that goal, bin Laden issued a 1996 manifesto that vowed violent jihad against U.S. military forces based in Saudi Arabia. On August 7, 1998, individuals associated with Al Qaeda and Egyptian Islamic Jihad carried out simultaneous bombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa which resulted in 224 deaths.  
         The towers of the World Trade Center burn

On September 11, 2001, nineteen men affiliated with al-Qaeda hijacked four commercial passenger jets all bound for California, crashing two of them into the World Trade Center in New York City, the third into the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia, and the fourth (originally intended to target Washington, D.C., either the White House or the U.S. Capitol).As a result of the attacks, 2,996 people (including the 19 hijackers) perished and more than 6,000 others were fatally injured.
•    On December 27, 2007 two time elected Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated during a gathering she was having with her supporters. A suicide bomber detonated a bomb along with other extremists against her shooting off guns killing the prime minister and 14 other people. She was immediately rushed to the hospital and was pronounced dead.
•    The 2008 Mumbai attacks were equally more than ten coordinated shooting and bombing attacks across Mumbai, India's largest city.
Could the above had begun today? Certainly know.
Mr. Albert Kan Dapaah, Minister for National Security on Thursday cautioned vigilante groups in Ghana that they had no legal recognition, which make them illegal, and without mandate to operate in the country. “Let’s get all such action groups to recognize that they are not to operate in the country and if they do, it will be taken as a law and order issue and they will have to go through the laws of the country as their punishment,” Mr. Kan Dapaah told Parliament on Thursday.

He therefore urged Members of Parliament (MPs) and political actors to avoid giving such illegal groups party colors to make the fight against such moves successful. Partisanship for some time now has served as a great catalyst in inviting such unwanted quandary. The earlier the State’s laws become stiffer and properly enforced the better. (Star Ghana)

These Ghanaian political assemblages such as the Delta force, Invisible forces, Bolga bull dogs, Salifu 11 and Azorka boys etc., must be disbanded with immediate effect by the security apparatus otherwise I sadly envisage the foundation of  daunting terrorist groupings today in the near future. This is a humble foresight appeal I make to the IGP and the National security of the republic.

Ghana already suffers several economic defects in her political governance. Many sectors of her economy are in infrastructural and financial arrears due to our inadequate funding. Our indebtedness is huge as our total debt stock currently stands at least 120 billion Ghana Cedis, an alarming situation that needs serious economic surgery.
It is therefore imperative to apprehend any imminent threat that possesses the tendency to milk several millions from our money bag. The indiscriminate growth of vigilante groups in Ghana is one critical instance that can waste state resources someday if not dispersed now.

    Brigadier General Joseph Nunoo-Mensah, a former Ghana National Security Coordinator has vehemently criticized the formation of political vigilante groups by political parties and called for a dialogue to consider their disbandment. According the security think tank, the formation of such lousy assemblies pose a security threat, and the earlier something was done about it, the better it would be for the country. He further established that these miscreant groupings are fast gaining momentum and power.

    A Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, Isaac Olawale Albert, has equally warned African countries to disband political vigilante groups as they could grow and turn into terrorists to disturb the peace on the continent. Citing the rise of Boko Haram as an example, he said the group began in 2002 as a small gang that was politically motivated to frustrate opponents, but grew into a huge radicalized one, terrorizing civilians because steps were not taken to disband it.
The government is therefore admonished to take a strong stand against them and other such ugly groups, otherwise some of them who are not happy for various reasons can plunge the country into chaos. This is a criminal offence," Brigadier General Joseph Nunoo-Mensah added.

    H.E Jon Benjamin, British High Commissioner to Ghana, also advised political parties in the country to disband all political vigilante groups across the country. This cautious call came prior to the 2016 general elections as he saw them to be catalyst of looming violence.

 He said the existence of such groups in the country was inconsistent with modern democratic governance saying; “we do not think that maintaining groups of party militia or vigilantes is compatible with 21st century electoral democracy. It is in fact potentially dangerous and threatens the very existence of peace in Ghana.

He further established that the emergence of Boko Haram in Nigeria and other religious clashes in Africa have further become a potential threat to peace and stability, particularly in the West African sub-region. Although religious extremism has not established roots in Ghana, Jon Benjamin equally believes in the assertion that, the interfaith harmony which coexists cannot be taken for granted.

    The Progressive Peoples Party led by its Chairman Nii Brew Allotey Hammond on Monday, 10th April, 2017 held a press conference condemning the continuous inhumane atrocities masterminded by the Delta Forces and Co.

The PPP in their delivery, made particular reference to some hidden faces in the two leading parties of Ghana who motivate these evil forces to perpetuate crime. Due the gravity of the matter available as at then, The PPP’s party chairman further admonished the Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo’s led administration to take critical look at the situation as it reserves the tendency to plunge the nation into chaos someday.

    The recent dressing-down came from the United Nations reproving the existence and operations of these ill-formed vigilante assemblies.  The United Nations (UN) condemned last Thursday’s raid at a Kumasi Circuit court by staunch NPP vigilante unit, Delta Force which led to the release of 13 suspects standing trial.

The international body in a statement on Monday, said it is increasingly concerned about operations of vigilante groups that are linked to political parties in the country. It warned that the image of Ghana as a "model of democracy and the rule of law" would be stained if the government of Ghana does not bring control.

"The Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of the United Nations Office for West Africa and the Sahel, Mohamed Ibn Chambas, and the Resident Coordinator of the UN system in Ghana, Christine Evans-Klock wrote.
After eleven years of military rule, one would have expected that the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of   Ghana would have been followed to the last letter. Sadly, political parties – especially the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) have set up vigilante groups that embark indiscriminate rampage at one time or the other – a spectacle that betrays the constitution that gives the right and responsibilities to political parties in Ghana.

Chapter Seven of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana: “Representation of the People”, Article 55 (1), “the right to form political parties is hereby guaranteed”. Per article 55 (5), “the internal organization of a political party shall conform to democratic principles and its actions and purposes shall not breach or be inconsistent with this Constitution or any other law “So why is the formation of these groupings contravening the very statues that established the political parties? Ghana is therefore advised to quickly learn from the impending danger these vigilante groupings pose to national security.

Leadership must also take into cognizance the irreparable damage terrorist groups like Boko-Haram has than to nations like Nigeria so as to take practical cues from. Ghana’s security forces must therefore rise up to the able occasion and banish these State enemies to a foreign land of no return.

Vigilantism in the Ghanaian body politic is progressively becoming a SCAR on the political honor of our nation.
The State however in dissolving these vigilante groups must practically make available, a solid recruitment policy that would absolve most of them into Ghana’s employment basket, less we again stand an imminent risk of heightened and uncontrollable social vices such as armed robbery as the devil would still find job for these idle hands.
Others who may consider undue opportunity in this rather sad spectacle and as a result will











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