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5 reasons dating a Ghanaian girl with strict parents is a very difficult task

More often than not many people hook up with friends, boyfriends and girlfriends and eventually end up having the best time of their lives in each other’s company.

Inasmuch as many people want to live their lives without restrictions, certain factors do not allow or that to happen.

It would be particularly difficult for a young man or woman who has strict parents to live a care-free life without close tabs being kept on them by their parents.

With this foregoing, it would be practically impossible as a guy to have endless fun with a young lady who has very strict parents or guardians due to their upbringing.

Sometimes, the training coming from these strict parents is capable of altering to social life of their wards and the effects can be catastrophic.

1.You cannot stay out with her beyond 8pm

Strict parents are always keeping close tabs on their wards and in extreme cases, they keep constantly communicating with their children with whatever means they see fit. Many strict parents would not allow their daughters stay out late especially with a guy without constantly calling to remind them to come home.

Sometimes, the calls become so frequent that your conversation with such a Ghanaian girl is not free-flowing since it will be always interrupted with calls from mom or dad reminding their daughter of the impending curfew.

In this case, such a guy should forget about enjoying a romantic late movie night because, it will never happen!

2. You will be subjected to serious scrutiny by her parents.

Dating a Ghanaian girl with strict parents can be very intimidating when you have to eventually meet her folks.

Many guys dread such encounters since they have to open up their lives for scrutiny by the parents of his girlfriend. Many of these “Rambo-styled” interrogations can easily confuse a young man to ‘lose-talk’ which might cost him the relationship because he could not convince the parents of his girlfriend entrust the safety of their daughter to him.

Some parents are hard to please and strict parents are even worse when it comes to the safety of their daughter.

As a young man, you have to be always thinking on your feet to be able to stay afloat in such a relationship. Who wants to go through such a headache?

3.She will never sleepover; no matter the situation.

Getting your Ghanaian girlfriend with strict parents to sleepover at your house is like trying to find a needle in a haystack – mission impossible! If you give her 1000 reasons to spend the night with you, she would give you 1001 reasons not to spend the night.

Moreover, have you ever heard of strict parents going to bed while a child of theirs is still not back home? Whatever happens, even if there was a hurricane when she visited, she would still walk through it and go home than sleep at your end.

4. There would be no intimacy whatsoever.

Dating a Ghanaian girl with strict parents would teach you the true definition of abstinence. Such ladies have been trained to say no in the event of any advances made towards them no matter who it is coming from. With such Ghanaian girls, their slogan would be “No kissing baby, no touching baby!”.

They have it at the back of their minds that should they get pregnant, they are going to be roasted alive by their parents so they would resist any temptation to that effect. For a guy who cannot stay without intercourse, such ladies should not be on your radar because you would never get the ‘cookie’ no matter how hard you try.

5. You cannot surprise them at all

Ghanaian girls with strict parents have to declare their assets to their parents whenever they so much as receive a gift from someone. Some of these ladies actually have a “No gift policy” because they might be confiscated when they take them home.

It would be a waste of money to buy an expensive gift for such a lady because she would have to turn it down for fear of being reprimanded. If you want to be romantic, maybe some flowers would do but a Ghanaian girl with strict parents would have no use of an expensive gift.

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