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1. Play with your hair

Fiddling with your hair sends an instant flirt message to him. It doesn’t matter if your hair is long or short, playing with your hair, while you look at him, will catch his attention and draw his eyes to your face.

2. Accidental contact

Make him notice you by ‘accidentally’ touching him or bumping into him. It’s easy to do and yet still make it look completely natural. Just bump against him or allow your hands to linger a while, if he passes you something. That will get his attention.

3. Use your eyes

Use your eyes to grab his attention. If you are talking to him, then look into his eyes, as you talk. If you haven’t got that close yet, making eye contact across a crowded room will reel him in too. Just be careful to not look like you are staring!

4. Make yourself appear approachable

You turn your back on someone you don’t like, so be sure to face forward when your crush is nearby. Facing full on, with no barriers like crossed arms, gives the signal that it is safe to approach you and will feel less intimidated about starting up a conversation with you.

5. Use your feet

A rather obscure, but scientifically proven technique is to use your feet. Studies have shown that if your feet are pointing towards a person, then that gives the impression that you are more open to getting to know that person better. If you are not genuinely interested, apparently, your feet will be pointing away from the person.

6. Copy his body language

Copying his body language will soon catch his attention and he will be intrigued to find out more about you. If he folds his arms, fold yours. If he smooth’s his hair, smooth yours. He can’t possibly ignore that you are mimicking his moves and you will make an instant connection with him.

7. Don’t stand with your legs crossed

Standing with your legs crossed is a definite sign that the person standing in front of you will never have a chance of becoming intimate with you. It is a defensive, covering stance that will tell him not to even try.

8. Lean in close, when you talk

Get close and personal, and lean into him when he talks. It shows him that you are really interested in what he has to say and it demonstrates that getting closer is fine with you. You can reverse the trick by deliberately talking softly yourself, that way he’ll have to lean in to hear you too.

9. Keep your hands out in the open

This one appeals to the subconscious mind of your crush. If your hands are clearly in view and open, it conveys the message that you are hiding nothing and not carrying a weapon. A bit stone age, maybe, but all things count!

10. Mind your posture

Stand up straight! Push your shoulders back and your chest out. This conveys a confidence that most men will find attractive and it puts your best assets forward to him!

What are your favorite body language tips? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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