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Sleeping in your pyjamas, as most people do, can cause us to get all hot and bothered in bed. Whilst getting all steamy makes some people think of lovemaking, it’s actually really bad for our health. It can age us really quickly, make us stressed, and it can also make us fat.

Basically, pyjama’s are bad things.

The truth is that shedding our clothes as we climb into bed brings with it a lot more advantages other than just feeling sensuous and free underneath the sheets. So it’s high time to prepare to lose your pyjamas and throw on your birthday suit, as we take a look at 10 reasons why people who sleep naked are much healthier for it.

1. Sleeping Naked Can Fight Against Insomnia

If you can’t cool down when you hit the sack, you’re more likely to suffer from a bout of insomnia. That’s because our core body temperature needs to cool down before we can sleep. So if you’re struggling for breath in your pyjama’s, socks and duvet, you might want to consider stripping, so that your core body temp drops and sleep comes more easily.

2. Sleeping Naked Can Actually Make You Happier

You can feel happier when you sleep naked because you’re free. You’re not limited by pyjamas like your parents used to be, and you’re not constricted by your bra. You don’t wake up feeling hot and stuffy, but instead wake up cool and refreshed.

Symbolically, you’re free from convention and everything that society tells you to do. You’re a rebel doing what you want to do, and, boy, it sure does feel mighty fine!

3. Sleeping Naked Can Prevent Belly Fat

Lower cortisol levels are necessary for losing weight and fighting the flab. High cortisol levels, by contrast, are necessary for gaining excess belly fat.

Our cortisol levels are lower after a good night’s sleep and higher after a poor night’s sleep. One of the ways to lower our cortisol levels is to let out body cool off naturally – and we can do this by sleeping in the buff. Sleeping in the buff helps to make us cooler, and it helps our body to better regulate those pesky cortisol levels.

4. Sleeping Naked Helps To Air Out Your Skin

Another one of great benefits of sleeping naked is that it can help keep your skin healthy. If you don’t air out your skin, you could be encouraging bacteria to thrive on your body, where it can continue to live and breed. One of the easiest ways to air out your skin is to sleep in your birthday suit.

Your feet will be aired out, as will your armpits and ‘down-there’ bits. It might all sound a bit eew, but it’s totally necessary if you want a healthier, cleaner body.

5. Sleeping Naked Can Make You More Active

How many times have you arrived home from work, showered and slipped straight into your pyjamas? It’s only 8PM but you already look as though you’re done for the night. Even if your friends call you up to ask if you want to go for a drink, you remain resolute that you’re just going to have a chill night in front of Netflix.

The problem is that when we slip into our pyjamas so early, we become lazy and inactive. Sleeping naked means you aren’t done for the night. Indeed, it instead means you’re ready to go at any point. A friend calls you up and, yeah, you’re in the mood for a dance!

6. You’ll Feel More Confident About Yourself

Just lying naked at night can be enough to make you feel confident with your own body. You feel attractive, and sometimes you feel in the mood for a bit of lovemaking.

When you go to bed in your birthday suit, you’ll be surprised at how good you feel about yourself, and this certainly works wonders with your overall esteem day-to-day.

7. Sleeping Naked Means You Might Not Need To Shower In The Morning

If there is one thing many of us hate having to do first thing in the morning, it’s showering. Sure, many of us do it but many of us would rather not do it.

Well, one way to get out of the early morning shower is sleep naked. Sleeping in the nude means you’ll be cool throughout the night, and you’ll feel up feeling airy, refreshed and with pretty darn good hair to boot. If, however, you wear layers, your hair will more than likely be all greased up. Which means shower time!

8. Sleeping Naked Is Easier

Okay, so taking off your clothes and putting on a pair of pyjamas is not exactly the hardest thing in the world to do. But it can take up time, and it also means extra washing.

If you sleep naked, on the other hand, you simply have to strip and get into bed. It’s that easy! Sure, it might seem lazy, but isn’t sleep for tired, lazy people anyway?

9. You’ll Look Younger

Another one of great benefits of sleeping naked is that it can help slow down the ageing process. This must by why Joan Collins still manages to look 50, despite being like 82.

See, keeping a lid on your core body temperature means that your anti-ageing hormones function properly and do their jobs well. If you’re sweating like a greased pig, they simply won’t be able to do their jobs and you’ll age quicker than your pet cat. To stay looking younger, get your kit off and enjoy a cool night’s sleep.

10. Skin To Skin Contact Is Ace

If you sleep naked with your partner, the benefits of skin to skin contact are numerous. You will reduce symptoms to depression, stress, and you will also feel happier and more confident. It can even get you in the mood for a bit of lovemaking and can help to fight off insomnia.

So as well as you sleeping naked, you could also suggest that your partner slips into his birthday suit too. Everyone’s a winner!

Do you know other benefits of sleeping naked?

Stay happy and healthy!


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