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“What happened, why are you late?”

So he turned up late for a first date and that’s not a good start, but, give the guy a break, something serious might have happened. Chastising him and trying to dominate him, before he’s even ordered food, is not going to set him at his ease.

“This place sucks, do you want to go somewhere else?”

Choice of venue for a first date is an important one, but don’t be too pushy or opinionated on a first date. For a start, this could be his favorite restaurant in the world and expressing such a strong view on a first date is going to make you seem fussy and hard to please.

“How much money do you make?”

You might want to try the slightly more subtle approach of ‘what do you do for a living?’…You’ll still get your answer and you won’t sound like quite so much of a gold digger!

“So, how many kids do you want? You’d make a great father!”

Whoa, no talk of marriage on a first date, that’s a rule that must never be broken! If you want to make him feel like he’s halfway to the church already, then, you’re definitely going to scare him off. You’ll find out if he’s serious soon enough, so be patient.

“Have you ever thought of loosing some weight? It looks like you like to eat a lot!”

If a guy you have your first date with has some weight problems, he probably already is aware about it, you don’t need to point it straight in his face. By this question you will only embarrass him and make him feel bad. Always be polite and be a lady.

“Why don’t you have a girlfriend? How many exes did you have?”

What exactly are you trying to say here? Is it that this guy in front of you is such a gorgeous hunk of a man that you can’t understand why he’s still single? Or perhaps you want to know if he has some kind of embarrassing deformity that scares girls away? Either way, ex’s are off the agenda for a first date anyway and that includes yours too.

“Your place or my place?”

You might have really been suggesting an innocent cup of coffee, but let’s get real. Physical intimacy on a first date is never a good start to a long term relationship; it gives out all the wrong messages. Keep him waiting because, if he’s worth it, he’ll take things slowly and will be patient.

“So, how do you think that went?”

We’re assuming that you didn’t go back to his place before you asked this question! You’ll get your feedback later, so don’t ask now. If you put him on the spot, he may just lie and wave goodbye or you may get a nasty surprise, if he’s brutally honest with you.

“I think I love you”

In the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ movie it looked pretty natural and romantic, but in real life and in modern day and age a straight forward ‘I love you’ on a first date might only scare the guy off. Keep this one for later. Never throw an ‘I love you’ in a guy’s face on a first date. He won’t take it seriously anyway, and, probably, you don’t even feel it really just yet.

Do you have some other tips for a first date? What other things a girl shouldn’t ask a guy on a first date?

Feel free to share your thoughts and dating tips in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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