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Infinix unbox the new Note 4 Pro in Ghana

builds on the Note 4’s strong points with additions like the X-Pen, 3 gigs of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage that I think should be a standard for all phones in 2017, an all-metal body, a meatier 4500 mAh juicer and more heft at 196g. 


However, it keeps most of its spec sheet from the Note 4, including the 5.7-inch 2.5D full HD screen, the same camera optics on the front and back at 8MP and 13MP respectively, dual SIM slots with an SD card expandability (no fancy hybrid trays to confuse you). 


The unboxing affair is different than what you may have been used to. The retail box is huge because it houses two other boxes; one that has the phone and its usual array of accessories like a thick (a plus for people who love their things, thick) charging brick, an equally robust charging micro USB cable that will last for some time and the same ‘ol proverbial Infinix earphones. The second box has the X-Pen, and a handsome but wide flip case.


As Infinix decided to go pro with the release of this more powerful Note 4 alongside the standard phablet dubbed “Note 4 Pro”. The highlight of the Note 4 Pro is its X-Pen stylus, improved RAM and additional storage.


According to Sam, the Key Outlet Manager, the case is broad because it has a silo that provides residence for the X-Pen. If you choose to use the phone without the case, you will have to keep X-Pen in your pocket. Or leave it at home. Worth noting is that the X-Pen draws power from the phone via three connector pins on the on the stylus. 


The X-Pen alone cost GHS 150 and could be purchased at Franko Trading Stores. In case of any fault with the X-Pen, it can be changed at Infinix service centre.


To take full advantage of the Note 4 Pro’s provisions, you will need that case and X-Pen. There is a companion app called X-Note that is packed with some cool features. For instance, popping the X-Pen out of its slot opens a memo page for you to note important stuff down. You can also draw with it using multiple pen tips and colours, do some screenshots or take cropped screenshots with the ‘smart select’ feature. These will be discussed in detail when the full review goes live.


XOS Chameleon and its tricks is unsurprisingly present on top of Android 7.0, coupled with an overgenerous share of utility apps that Infinix believes will make you a better person.
















Source: Infinix

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