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Amazing! Meet the 10-year-old boy in SHS 1

A 10-year-old genius Ghanaian boy, identified as Michael Blair Tasiamo, has been admitted at the Fafraha Community Senior High School.

The disclosure was made on the official Twitter handle of the National Science and Maths Quiz.

Michael’s story is truly amazing considering the fact that in Ghana it normally takes about 10 years to finish basic school education.

To be able to complete junior high school and enter senior high school by age 10 is simply remarkable.

Interlude: Meet our new friend from Fafraha Community SHS, Michael Blair Tasiamo. Michael is only 10 years old, and he is in SHS 1 already! Interesting, isn’t it? One of the things that go to confirm the adage, “Age is just a number”. pic.twitter.com/70XIkpFyn1— NSMQ Ghana (@NSMQGhana) March 10, 2020