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Man confesses how he became a gay with a Pastor.

Being a school dropout, due to financial crisis, a young man whose name has been withheld for some personal reasons shared his experience of being a gay.

Its all started as he accepted a friend request on Facebook by a stranger, and exchanged pleasantries.

This Facebook friend showed interest in him and explained to him some of the benefits he stands to gain if he accepts to be his gay partner.

Even though, he was new to gayism, he usually sleeps with himself in his dreams.

He was introduced into an online site having day members.

His information was taken and his gayism acts started.

He victim was coached on the types of roles performed by gay’s during sex. These are top, bottom and versatile.

His interest and love for gayism developed widely as he created a facebook account searching for gay clients to have sex with and for the money of it.

He explained how he met a preacher in a car who asked if they could date.

Their first meeting after the preacher’s proposal was at the beach, where they had sex at the shore of the beach.

He stressed that having sex at the shores of the beach happened frequently, until he decided to visit the preacher in his home had sex when the wife vacated their own matrimonial bed for them.

He remorsefully said how he had sex with some men of God in churches and in front of altars. 

his narration continued as he stated that he met other gay partners on his site, met with them at their usual pubs, parties and even got hooked up.

He recalled on how he filled an Illuminati forms by showing his nakedness and an abiding rule of sacrificing babies.

He gave instances where his gay partner who was also a preacher was assigned to perform some sacrifices which has to do with babies.

Through his preaching, he proposed to an ice water hawker who had a baby, and upon some interrogation, the ice water hawker told him it was a mistake on his path to have given birth.

The pastor however vowed to help the ice water hawker by taking the baby to the orphanage home that belongs to the auntie.

he explained that an agreement was reached but the ice water hawker didn’t show up and the sacrifice that could have taken the baby’s life.

The victim continued as he openly showed his face on facebook as a gay and asked to be contacted if needed.

He added that he indulged in online gayism as well as having some gay partners are seen on the street.

He lamented that he sometimes feels some pains in his anus which makes him spend almost all his money on drugs, even though he makes some profit out of the gay business.

He advised that the youth should use the social media wisely, not to show their bodies since it will attract men who are into the gay business.