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Man narrates how they redraw money from ATM’s, Bank Accounts and Momo on Ghana Beyi Yei

Today (13th Aug, 19) on Ghana Beyi Yei, man reveals how they hack into systems using just a hacking device.

Name withheld, narrated how they go through people’s account to redraw money. They simple type a particular bank name which comes in multiple and select one, through this the persons name, signature and every vital information appears. They later print the original out as colored which they will be using. Also the black line at the back of every ATM card contains all the details of the card.

He further explained that , with their device, when they stick it to an ATM machine, all records transaction made will be recorded and is mostly done at dawn. He warned that when going to cash out money at the ATM or make balance enquiry and the lights doesn’t come on, do not proceed , reason been that it has been intentionally jammed.

Again with their device, when inserted into the machine , any amount of money wanted can be redrawn. Along the interview, he confessed they caused the accident of the host some time ago. He threw challenge to the Police Service, Emigration and other bodies to come out and look into the current kidnapping issues and follow up. Also if they will be able to do follow up on cases if their pastors, family members, parliamentarians and the big whips in the country who are involved. He claimed there are big whips who are the bosses under these operations.

We always have representatives at our various targets points. So before we hack into your account, the person buys from you and the receipt given out, they use it to process their operation and redraw money. They most redraw from hospitals, companies, schools, individual accounts.