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Lady shares her story on how narrowly excaped a facebook scammer on Ghana Beyi Yei.

I met this lady on Facebook . She first sent me a friend request which i accepted. She further sent me a message saying she want to have a chat with me which i agreed.

She was like if i want to expand my business and become rich, she can help me with the aid of someone. I am a beautician and was very inquisitive and wanted to know more. I engaged her in more conversation to know more. She told me all i have to do is to buy a white handkerchief. She is in an association which i will be joining. She further explained the leader will have sex with me and after will pour the sperm in the handkerchief which will generate the money for me. I asked her if she is sure about the tokens and wouldn’t be asked to sacrifice by parents or loved ones. I agreed to join and was given the guys number to personally chart with him.

I received a call in the evening around 7:00 pm and it was the guy. He asked me if i was the lady whom my sister has introduced me to the sisterhood and i said yes. He asked me if i was told the necessary procedure to follow and i said yes , i was asked to come along with a white handkerchief. He was like no, i have to bring 200 gh cedis, a white handkerchief , a ring of my own choice, a powder, he will put me in a room for 24 hours. I asked him if he still going to have sex with me after i pay the 200 cedis and he said yes.

He asked me to meet him at Las Palmas the next day so we plan how things will be done and the hotel we would like to go. I sat down, questioned myself as to what am involving myself into and the consequences that will come with it. I aborted everything and did not go to meet him again.