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ECG Poles Burnt Down by Bush Fire

THE ELECTRICITY Company (ECG) has yet again become a victim of bush fire in Kumasi.

Two poles of the ECG got burnt, resulting in a conductor, transferring power to some areas, falling down.

The heartbreaking incident happened near Modern Granite Quarry, Bomso, the ECG sadly disclosed.

Erasmus Kyere-Baidoo, the Ashanti Regional ECG Director of Communications, made the disclosure on Friday.

In a post on social media, the ECG official lamented about how bush fires were disrupting their operations lately.

Along the information, he also shared pictures of the fallen ECG poles and a conductor on social media platforms.

Mr. Kyere-Baidoo has consistently complained bitterly about how bush fires were affecting the ECGs delivery.

According to him, most of the power outages in Kumasi are usually unplanned as they are caused by bush fires.

The ECG Communications Director has periodically engaged the public to desist from burning ECG poles.

Though the ECG is doing its best, the current bush fire clearly shows that the public is being recalcitrant.