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Ghana Beach Soccer to get back on it toes – Yaw Ampofo

Beach Soccer Committee Chairman, Yaw Ampofo in an interview with Vision 1 sports, stated what their plans are towards beach soccer are, the way forward and reviving it . Beach soocer is enjoyed by so many country and Ghana should not be excluded.

Yaw Ampofo stated GFA has agreed to partner and sponsor them in order to access logistics, training, technical support and infrastructure. Egpyt, Nigeria, Senegal, Madagascar are enjoying beach soccer and Ghana can also enjoy same. Cal bank has been supporting beach soccer since 2001 and we hoping to renew sponsorship he said.

Our challenge now is we working on transporting sand to the non-coastal areas in other to make it easier for them and not necessarily coming all the way to the coastal areas to have match or tournaments. Developments is also be done in the coastal areas to enhance the enjoyment, turn out from fans .

He further stated the media has being very supportive and they acknowledge them all. We are opened for partnership, cpmmentary, interview from the media and they should also give us open arms.