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Ghana Beye Yei : Saga between Abusua{Fraud King} and Patrick

Even though money can be earned through hard work, a young man who is popularly known as Abusua decides to use the fraudulent means.

He gave a vivid narration to the public on the most listened to program GHANA BEYE YIE which is aired on VISION 1 FM 93.5mhz having REV NANA YAW SARFOH, as the host.

In his submission, he said, even though a friend who can only be identified as LARRY introduced him into the fraud business though he had keen interest in occultism from infancy. The friend however made him be in the known that he can make him attain the position of an occult Ambassador.

He mentioned that upon several interrogation and reaching an agreement, an online group was formed and the participation was encouraging. The group was identified as BLOOD MONEY FAMILY(BMF)

He expressed that his role in the group was to lure the youth into the fraud business which attracted a huge amount of money into his account.

Abusua emphatically said the BLOOD MONEY FAMILY (BMF) demanded human parts and blood from him as his first assignment which made him withdraw from the BLOOD MONEY FAMILY hence making him receive several threats and his image been tarnished.

He said that, fraud as a business, is a full package which involves the intake of drugs, womanizing, death among others, and advised young ladies to be cautious of men who are into fraud.

He added that he defrauded a white woman who is based in America of a huge amount of money and unfortunately for him, the woman tracked him down to Ghana, met with him and was willing to pay back the money to her. The woman however gave a clause that if Abusua is ready to quit the fraud business, she won’t take the money from him.

The ex-sakawa man exposed some pastors the country that encourage the fraud business because they have their own share from the money they make.

He continued by mentioning a friend who was also a fraudster and how he lost his life through a fatal accident. This however made him speak voluminous about Patrick who is also a fraudster.

He said Patrick was hit by a billboard around the palace mall which can be located at the Spintex stretch, on one morning whilst he was waiting for a public transport to convey him to work.

Even-though it was an accident, Abusua says the incident had some spiritual backing. This is because he failed to perform the “the thank you” sacrifice to the fetish priestess, who assisted him in getting his money, fame, and power.

Ghana Beye Yei, a program on Vision1 FM which has an encouraging viewers and listeners far and near, caught the attention of Patrick who passed through with his family.

Patrick who was in a wheel chair, was granted the audience as he reacted to all the accusations leveled against him by Abusua, the sakawa kingpin.

Speaking to Rev. Nana Yaw Sarfoh he disclosed that Abusua is not his friend but rather they all resided in the same area.

He stressed that all the claims leveled against him are false, from the fleet of cars he owned, a house he bought for his girlfriend and going to visit a fetish priestess in the Eastern region. This made him dare Abusua to come meet him on the program with evidence.