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Ghana Beye Yie : Come out and say the truth to save your family – Abusua to a fraud guy.

A Popular chief fraudster, known as Abusua has made series of allegation challenging this fellow fraud guys to come out to confess their sins in other for themselves and their families to be saved.

Speaking on Vision1 fm on Ghana beye yei, Abusua called out one person who was struck down by a billboard and has been paralyzed to confess the evil wrongs he has done , places he has gone to for protection which is not from God and why he is suffering today and must repent. The guy retaliated with his side which became a heated arguments but later accepted the allegations leveled against him, asked for forgiveness and help from the general public for his surgery.

Today on the show, another allegation has been meted out to one person in the fraud business , and has been asked to come out to confess his sins, evil things he has done to save his dying family. It has been in the news for some time now how fraud guys are using human lives and other means to get money to live an expensive life .

The generation is dying and must be saved ,Abusua expressed.