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I almost slept with all the form one gilrs – SHS Students Reveals

As the adage goes, one badnut can destroy all. Friends however can have positive or negative effects in our living. At the age of 17, acquring knowledge and skills at St. Martin Secondary School, Justice narrated his story on Ghana Beye Yie on Vision1 fm, how he constantly slept with his junior at the cemetry, the closest location to the school.

It all started as the junior who bears the name Irthma showed interest in him. She however made several proposal to him which he declined. This action persisted until he finally gave in to Irthma’s proposal upon the advice of friends and the gifts that comes with it. The journey of love started on their first meeting which took place at the cemetry. After having a lengthy discussion, they climaxed it with a sexual intercourse. Justice stated that the cemetry became their meeting place and at a point in time became a hotel where they both satisfy their sexual libido.

He however said this action made him become a sex addict and couldn’t concentrate anymore in class. He also took to the behaviour of giving out girls to his male friends . After breaking up with Irthma, he slept with almost half of the girls before completing the school, he revealed. He explained how his life retrogressed and in his quest for help to stop the act of womanizing made him visited many shrines.

He lost huge amount of money anytime he visits the shrines without having any solution to his plight. This also made him resort to taking drugs. He finally debunked womanizing with the help of powerful men of God and availing himself . He sees his action to be time wasting and unhealthy and advised the youth especially to live in a Godly life pleasing to God and speak to God through prayers for direction before acting.