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I Would Have Been A Politician – Kojo Antwi

Legendary Ghanaian highlife musician Kojo Antwi says he would have been an astute politician if he had not gone into music.

“I am concerned about what goes on in the world and what goes on in the country,” he told Chrystal Kwame-Aryee on TV3’s New Day about his passion.

He said his father was into politics and he had developed that niche as well growing up.

To him, “I believe that everyone who buys and sells knows what goes on in politics”.

He said he tries to occasionally infuse some of his concerns into the music he does.

“I sing about social issues,” he indicated on the show on Tuesday, December 17.

But when he was asked whether he would have taken a shot at the Presidency, Kojo Antwi, popularly called Mr. Music Man, said, “It has never occurred to me.”