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Man narrates how they use key to steal on Ghana Beyi Yie.

Speaking on Vision 1 morning show,Ghana beyi yei , man narrated on how he was lured by friend and using a key to steal….

My friend came to visit me and we ended up visiting his gang of friends. He introduced me as his friend and i was asked if i want to join them which i said yes to. They appearance was decent so i did not associate them with any evil mind. They brief me little about them, they have vows i am supposed to keep or else i ran mad. I was asked if my dad was rich, how many siblings i have and the work they do. They were six in number and the eldest was their leader. He asked again he would give me a different name if i agree to join them which i said yes, I was given the name. They asked me to bring money which am not supposed to tell anyone. After the meeting the very day i met them, i went there the following day . When i got there i saw them sharing money but had no idea where it was coming from. I suddenly became happy to be part of them. I was taught how they use key- soap to cut key and use it in stealing.

I was asked to bring a bar of key-soap, add a key from home to it .They will divide the soap into two,mark the key on it, take it to a goldsmith to cut the same key for me. My key was ready and given to me and they asked me to bring money. They gave me a substance to drink which wouldn’t scare me. On Sunday while everybody was preparing for church, i pretended to be sick in other not to go. I used my key to open my mothers door my it did not open, i tried it three time but it did not so i rushed back the the leader of the group, explained to him and he quickly went back to get a different one. I went back home but my parents were already home so i couldn’t operate. I made up my mind not to go back to them. I was home one day when my friend who introduce me to the group came to visit me .My parents knows him so they were not bothered about his visit. He’s purpose of visit was to tell me the my attitude towards the group will make the leader mad at me so i should abide by what i was told to do. I first went into my mothers room to steal her money. I took four notes in other for her not to know her money has been touched. I sent the stolen money to the camp and they were all happy so they decided to show me how to browse, womanize and others. If someone brings a woman, everybody must sleep with her. All this happened when i completed Jhs waiting to enter secondary school. Before going to shs, i was into drugs .

The addiction became high when i went to senior high. I always leave school before school closes to go hang out with the boys, we would smoke drink . They have powers they use in getting women and sleeping with them makes them get the money.

more to come…………