Home News Market women eulogize Nana Addo.

Market women eulogize Nana Addo.

The market women have eulogized the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in his address to the general public for patronizing the indigenous foods crops especially vegetables and natural spices to boost the immune system amid Covid-19.

This was revealed when Agric Today News paid a visit to the market women across Greater Accra Region during the week to ascertain the effect of Covid-19 on their economic activities.

The lists of vegetables to boost the immune system.
They explained that even though the pandemic has affected every sector of the economy in Ghana, the public address by the president to patronize in the local food crops has to increase fruit and vegetable patronage at the market.

“The influx of Covid-19 coupling with the president’s address has changed and improved the lifestyle of Ghanaians. Eating fruits and vegetables have become a daily routine in Ghana”, they gladly said.

According to them, prior to the President’s address, patronage of the foodstuffs was relatively low, however, the President’s call has been a game-changer for them.

In the President’s ninth address, he advised the general public to eat foods, rich in Vitamin A, B6, C, and E to boost their immune system against the virus and other diseases.

In the President addressed, He recommended fruits like oranges, vegetables ‘kontomire’, okra, mushrooms, ‘dawadawa’; millet, cashew nut, plantain, brown rice, and crabs to aid in boosting the immune system.

The market women urged the general public to continue to adhere to the safety protocols and patronize the local food crops amid and post Covid-19.