Home Business New Okaff Industries introduces new product to boost cocoa production.

New Okaff Industries introduces new product to boost cocoa production.

New Okaff Industries Ltd, one of the reputable firms in Ghana and the sole producer of Af CONFIDENCE Insecticide wishes to announce to the general public, particularly, the gallant Cocoa farmers in Ghana to keep on patronizing Af Confidence Insecticide.

It is evidently clear that Af CONFIDENCE Insecticide has really helped Ghanaian farmers in so many ways and has even gained international recognition.

Undoubtedly, the potency of Af CONFIDENCE Insecticide remains static and powerful as it has always been. A lot of farmers have given testimonies on how Af CONFIDENCE Insecticide has boosted their Cocoa production.

The product is very effective in the killing of Mirids (Akate and Atee), stem borers cannot get near to a Cocoa tree where there is a presence of Af CONFIDENCE Insecticide.

Spirogyra has no room to operate in the presence of this accepted product.

As a matter of fact, this product has no competitor in the control of black pod diseases, maintaining flowers and producing more fruit and quality beans are a bonus to farmers who use this product.

It will interest you to know that the 2019 National Best farmer, Mr. Charles Gyamfi has endorsed and recommended Af CONFIDENCE Insecticide to all farmers and urge them to keep on using it without any fear or hesitation.

In an exclusive interview with the Commercial Director of NEW OKAFF INDUSTRIES LTD, Kwasi Boama Adomako, he gave a word of caution to all farmers not to buy Af CONFIDENCE Insecticide on the street but they must buy from their accredited vendors only.

The company is highly poised to give Ghanaian farmers nothing than the best to boost their Cocoa production.

New Okaff Industries entreats the general public to report any spotted fake products on the market on 0545065635