Home News AMG Ghana Launches Cocoa Nti Sensitization Program in Partnership with PBC Ltd.

AMG Ghana Launches Cocoa Nti Sensitization Program in Partnership with PBC Ltd.

Agricultural Manufacturing Group Limited – AMG. A leading indigenous importer and distributor of Fertilizer in Ghana has launched a month long intensive sensitization program in partnership with the PBC LTD the leader in internal marketing of Cocoa in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

According to Mr. Henry Otoo-Mensah General Manager of AMG, the training workshop is a unique program initiated by the company in partnership with PBC Ltd to sensitize cocoa farmers on fertilizer application and also increase their knowledge on the good agronomic practices to increased yield.

“This is essential to AMG’s farmer centric approach that is focused on farmers – improving their yield and profitability. We do not believe in just selling fertilizers and other inputs but essentially being close and interactive with farmers, engaging them intimately, identifying their needs and tailoring the right solutions to address those needs”.
“This training workshop will also afford us the opportunity to drum home the unique properties and nutritional value to various farmers within the selected communities”, Henry Otoo-Mensah, the General Manager of AMG further explained.

The sensitization program which includes AMG, Enepa Ventures and PBC LTD commenced on the 9th of July at Juaso in the Asante Akyem south district of the Ashanti region and will span a month period through to the 7th of August, 2019.

Some of the participants at the workshop.
The program will include series of insightful workshops across 19 cocoa growing districts where the AMG and PBC team are expecting to interact with over 1900 cocoa farmers at all the various district levels.

The head of Marketing and Research, PBC Ltd, Samuel Owusu-Acheaw, said they are inspired by government’s policy to assist cocoa farmers increase their production levels which all means requires the right input, hence their partnership with AMG to ensure cocoa farmers have the best inputs to improve their yield.

PBC is the largest buyer of cocoa with distribution points everywhere, basically PBC took it upon themselves to partner with AMG and thus ensure every cocoa farmer has Cocoa Nti to apply on their farms invariably.

According to him, what PBC want is that at the end of the training campaign, cocoa farmers would acquire requisite knowledge on fertilizer application that will enable the farmers increase their yield so that the PBC LTD can also buy more from the farmers so that their lives will be improved.

“We entreat every cocoa farmer to patronise Cocoa Nti, one of the best fertilizers suitable for cocoa production in Ghana now”. Mr. Samuel Owusu-Acheaw. Head of Marketing and Research, PBC LTD intimated.

The Agricultural Manufacturing Group – AMG is one of the largest solely owned Ghanaian fertilizer importers in the country.

They specialize in the distribution of Agrochemicals and Farm tools across the country to ensure that farmers have access to fertilizers and agrochemicals.

Their purpose is to be a leader in the Agribusiness industry by providing enhanced services, High quality Agrochemicals (fertilizers, weedicides, insecticides, etc…), and enhanced relationships and profitability to all stakeholders especially farmers in the Agro industry.

They also undertake training programs for farmers to enable them increase their yields and the provision of market avenues to dispose of their farm produce.