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AGI Agribusiness to Support Government’s Tree Crops and the PERD Programme.

The Association of Ghana Industries has assured its maximum support for the government’s flagship programme the Tree Crops and the Planting for Export and Rural Development to win the agenda for National and Private Sector Growth.

Giving the welcoming address at a round table discussion with the government, the Chairperson of AGI Agribusiness sector, Fatima Alimohamed, said that the AGI Agribusiness supports the Ministry and the Government for the approach towards Cocoa and taking a firm stand for the future of the sector not only in Ghana but across Africa. And this has been evident in the speaking of the same language and co-operation with Cote d’ivoire.

She commended the government and made an appeal saying: “Whilst we commend the issuance of the seeds under the Tree Crop authority, we appeal for the focus to be on the quality of the Kernels rather than quantity. We are in support and commend the drive to ensure that quality parameters is met for the international markets as a priority”, she added.

She expounded that the intent for Planting for Food and Jobs, rearing for Food and Jobs and Planting for Export and Rural development is noble and clearly shows that Ghana is on a path to develop her economy and create jobs for the young and dynamic population. She pleaded that the views and suggestions of the private sector through the AGI Agribusiness could be heard to make it easier.

Touching on issues that is dwindling the sector, the Chairperson of the Agribusiness said the introduction of Free Trade which should mean Fair Trade is unfortunately not a case today. She explained that the reduction of 50% Benchmark Value by Ghana Post has brought the local manufacturing players to distress across the board but the focus is on the Agribusiness sector. According to her, the members of the sector are reviewing and considering laying off staff and have put hold on future investments. She later asked the government to seek redress to this prevalent issue in order to revamp the local industries from collapsing.

The Deputy Minister of Trade in charge of Agriculture, Hon. Collins Ntim extols AGI for their support of various flagship programmes from the government. He urged AGI to encourage its members to take advantage of the enabling environment created by the government as far as these programmes are concerned. He assured that the ministry is ready to work with AGI and its private sectors for National Development. “I want to assure you that we are ever ready to diague with you, we are ever ready to listen to you and we are ever ready to work with you to be able to ensure that His Excellency’s centralized industrialization agenda comes true”, he stressed.