Home News Armed Police together with the CID storm Vision1 fm .

Armed Police together with the CID storm Vision1 fm .

Armed Police Personnel and some staff of Criminal Department of the Ghana Police Service have stormed the premises of Socio-Religious Radio station Vision 1 fm 93.5 FM, concerning a story that is currently running about alleged bank hacking, fraud, murder, robbery, rape and killings on its flagship programme ‘’Ghana Beyeyie Hosted Rv. Nana Yaw Sarfoh.

The Criminal Investigative Department {CID} together with the Police Service personnel has taken person name withheld for investigation on the recent kidnapping issue and also some murder, robbery, fraud and banking system hack. One lady who also came to share her plight and the treatment she went through of being sold into prostitution also confirm of knowing the prime suspect of the 3 Tadi Kidnapper who is currently in police custody assisting investigation.

She stated that, the 3 Tadi kidnapper suspects is part of the gang that molested and abuse them when they were being abducted before her glorious escaped. The Police and the CID has taken over the issue of the man who was in an interview on Ghana Beyi Yei dared them to come out and help solve and bring perpetrators to book.