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Pastors sleeps with a 13 year old Virgin

A Pastor in the Tamale municipalities engage in sex with a 13 year old virgin breaking her virginity and stopping her from having menstrual flow.

She narrates her ordeal to Rev. Nana Yaw Sarfo on Ghana Beye Yei on Vision1 fm.

She narrates : At the age of 13, my aunty whom i stay with took me to go see a pastor. When we got there she asked me to stay with the pastor for he will take me through prayers. She left and i was all alone with the pastor and his wife. For three days i did not hear from her and seen her. I do all chores at the pastors place. Every evening the pastor comes knocking on my door but i don’t let him in. I wanted to report the actions of the pastor to his wife but my aunty stopped me and told me not to tell her anything. One day I forgot to lock my door and as as usual he sneaked into my room, gave me a drink and tied my arms and slept with me.

After the incidence , I left early the next morning to my aunt’s place to ask her what her plans with the pastor was. She could’t utter a word and asked me to go back. I went back to the pastors house with tears in my eyes. His wife asked me what the problem was, i was about narrating to him when my aunty bombed into us told her not to worry about me that she will handle me. My aunty wasn’t ready to listen to me.I together with my friend went to report the case with the police. The police was working on the case when my aunty went to tell them to stop reason being it is a family case and it would be solved in a family way. I began to feel my aunty sells children for money because she was so unbothered about my complaints.

Ever since i slept with the pastor i haven’t seen my menses. My menstrual cycle has stopped . The very day the pastor slept with me he used a white handkerchief to wipe my private part with blood stains all over. I have been on several medication for my menstrual cycle to be back but to no avail. Ever since the incidence with him am always having bad dreams . I dream’t that i was a dead person living among the dead.