Hitherto, the world was not expectant of welcoming Covid-19 into its physical or political fabric. Today, the entire world is shocked and held to siege as a result of the deadly Corona virus that has chained the hands of all health expertise found under the sun.

Beyond religious prayers that have been offered, World leaders and Medical Scientists have offered possible solution alternatives in combating Covid-19, but the more they advance strategies, the higher the risk of the virus becomes and hence the less impact achieved. World economies as a result of this deadly virus is gradually hitting economic recession. China alone has in the past weeks experienced a 13.5% economic downturn, the reason why Ghana my beloved country must swear to defend her Citizenry even with the last drop of her blood.

With the below enumerated submissions, I wish to draw the Government of Ghana and all Ghanaian Nationals attention to the below communiqués so that in unity we can fight this uninvited deadly virus to the land of no return.

  1. There must be adequate provision of personal protective equipment (PPE) in especially all Government health facilities and State agencies. I personally toured some Government Ministries and State agencies including hospitals here in Ghana and realized the acute shortage of use of these touted health kits. We therefore as a Foundation call on Government through the Ministry of health and the Ghana health service to as a matter of urgency see to the free mass supply of PPEs to all health institutions in Ghana.
  • Public education of Covid 19 must be intensified. I engaged some few Ghanaian nationals on the disease and the outcome was indeed shocking. To my surprise some interviewees thought Covid-19 was a new virus that has emerged after the corona virus. With a sample space of 49 persons in three different localities here in Accra (Medie, Kwabenya and St. Johns), 60%thought Covid-19 is a new virus and different from Corona Virus. The rest claimed knowledge of both names as one.

This to us as a Foundation is a clear sign of inadequate education and therefore uses this medium to appeal to Health authorities who are mandated to educate the Citizenry of Covid-19 to hurriedly expand their education tentacles to especially the villages and hinterlands down south.

  • The Ministry of information is dispassionately advice to cede the regular information and education of Covid 19 to the Public relations directorate of either the Ministry of Health or the Ghana Health service to avoid the temptation of a political twist of statistics.
  • More importantly, Religious leaders especially the Christian Community and the Islamic front are by this statement encouraged to intercede often for the Republic of Ghana and the rest of the world. All indications at this juncture of our world health history proves that proffering solution to covid-19 goes beyond human thinking and as such only God Almighty remains the World’s only Hope.
  • Apart from prayer, we advise all religious bodies particularly the churches and the mosques to encourage their followers through every means possible to practice the WHO and the Ghana health service’s basic hygienic exercise like the regular washing of hands with soap and the use of about 70% concentrated alcohol-based hand sanitizers etc.

More so the N.O.D Foundation equally believes that this is the ripe time for Religious leaders of especially the churches to prove to their members that they love them. We therefore encourage them to purchase more Personal Protective Equipment for free distribution.

  • Additionally, The N.O.D Foundation as a matter of urgency counsels GPRTU, PROTOA and the CONCERNED DRIVERS ASSOCITATION as well as the other driving groupings to reduce or maintain the right number of passengers onboard a vehicle to avoid personal body contacts as possible.

By extension, we advise these transport federations to discourage the overload of passengers onboard a vehicle to avoid easy contact of the virus.

  • We further hearten Government to financially resource the National Commission on Civic Education (NCCE) out of the 100 million dollars earmarked as seed fund to fight Covid-19 so that the NCCE will actively get engaged in the information and education process PARTICULARLY in our villages.

  • We further appeal to the President of Ghana, His excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo to review his ban on social gatherings to include night clubs, restaurants and bars if we indeed want to deal with the virus squarely. Otherwise banning churches and mosques and allowing nightclubs and bars to operate will be a fruitless battle since the human contacts we wish to avoid in these churches will still be contacted at these pubs and night clubs.
  • Our Chiefs who are the cultural custodians of our land are by this release officially encouraged to pray for Ghana and also to use their traditional gong and local information centers to educate their subjects of this deadly virus. We equally encourage them to supply their subjects with free PPEs if they can financially whilst the Citizenry adhere to the basic hygienic principles
  • Ghana’s parliament is also advised to shut down and resort to online meetings in conformity with the President’s directive on social gathering.


10. This virus which has stormed the world has also taught Ghana a lesson on the over-dependence of foreign goods. This is a wakeup call to successive leaders of Ghana to promote home grown policies that will encourage more exports and less imports. Imagine everything we need to survive as Ghanaians all came from China or America, what would have been our economic fate as a country.

I pray the leadership of my country will uphold to the above suggestions so that in unity we can fight Covid-19.